X-Corp Business Solutions is a market expert on VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) and IP Pabx Solutions. We offer small, medium and large organisations an alternative to the traditional Telkom copper technology used for trunk line/phone line infrastructure in South Africa.

X-Corp’s VOIP service offering is cost effective with call rates ranging from 99 cents per minute down to 35 cents per minute to most mobile networks. Our savings are not limited to the mobile networks, we offer lower rates on local, national and international calls. What sets us apart from our competitors and other VoIP Service providers is our ability to route calls via multiple secure data networks, in the process ensuring uptime, quality of service and above all, the lowest or cheapest call rates.

We have proven that VOIP SAVES MONEY time and time again!!!

Do delay, call us for a free assessment of your telephone bill. Our team is always available to consult with you telephonically or by appointment.

Features & Benefits:

Landline – SAVE 20%-40%:
X-Corp offers some of the lowest landline call rates in South Africa, in fact, X-Corp VOIP will save you an average of 10% – 20% on your landline calls.

Mobile – SAVE 20% – 50%:
Even with the latest legislative changes by ICASA’s, X-Corp VOIP still offers some of the lowest mobile rates in South Africa saving you an average of 20% – 30% on your mobile calls.

International – SAVE up to 50%:
X-Corp offers some of the lowest international call rates in South Africa. On average our VOIP savings are approximately 50% on your international calls.

Redundancy and Price:
X-Corp VOIP Services offer one of the highest redundancy rate for VoIP in South Africa. We can do this by routing your voice and data traffic through multiple Tier 1 ISP’s and networks, which means that in the highly unlikely event that something happens to one of these networks, your service won’t be affected.

VoIP Network Quality – MOS Rating:
Every call on the X-Corp Voice Network is rated every 10 seconds by leading Oracle Communications Operations software. This gives you a MOS (Mean Opinion Score) Rating, which measures the voice quality across a network. 1 is the worst and 5 is the best. X-Corp’s VoIP Network has an average MOS rating of 4.2.

This is a breakdown of where we are and what it means:
4 – 5 Excellent: Carrier / fixed line quality
3 – 4 Fair: Some imperfections; relatively clear (Cell Phones)
2 – 3 Annoying: Voice over 3G and Edge
1 – 2 Impossible to communicate

Our business model allows us to effectively negotiate with South Africa’s leading voice and data providers, and because they all want your business, we get you the best possible voice and data rates, meaning great savings for you. We save between 25% to 55% for you.

By knowing the ‘tricks of the trade’, we’ve gone to further great lengths to save you money; whether it be using the most efficient hardware instead of the most expensive, cancelling those unused redundant services, doing something new or more cost effective, or just by ensuring you are constantly up and working, we help you save.

Automatic Failover:
Our VoIP solutions are installed with Telkom as failover for additional on-site redundancy. And should a supplier go down, calls will automatically switch networks so that your service is uninterrupted.

Free Inter-branch Calls:
Another way that we’ve lowered your costs is by making all calls on the X-Corp VOIP network, free!  And you won’t have to change anything on your PBX or number ranges. If you have a remote office or occasionally work from home, we can also connect this location to our network using an ADSL and all calls will be free between your offices.

Number Portability:
By porting your existing numbers through X-Corp, you won’t have to pay for costly Telkom lines and you can keep your existing phone number for life (even if you move offices). Imagine the savings!