A Hosted PABX System is frequently referred to as a virtual PABX, and can free companies from having to invest in the equipment such as complex business telecommunication system.

Hosted PABX Systems can function over the Public Switched Telephone Network, over the Internet or a combination of the two. A Hosted PABX System has minimal setup costs, and it takes a mere few hours to configure. Purchasing expensive hardware will be an issue belonging to your past, and there is no issue of getting stuck with the wrong system.


  • Remotely control your Hosted PABX System from anywhere in the world.
  • Simplicity with user-friendly functionalities.
  • You can choose between having a hosted, managed service, or set the Hosted PABX System up in your private cloud.
  • Reduces your total cost of telecoms ownership.
  • Minimal capital investment is required.
  • Monthly subscription fees with no hidden costs.
  • User-friendly interface for easy administration
  • Free ongoing software upgrades
  • Excellent range of features.
  • Clever call routing saves you money.

Going away, or meeting a new client on another continent? With a Hosted PABX System, you can access your controls and reports from anywhere worldwide with an Internet connection.  To top this off, you won’t need to wait days for an expensive PABX mechanic to change your configuration settings – Instead, you can change the settings on your entire Hosted PABX System with a mouse click.

Because the service lives in the cloud, you can easily relocate your business to a new address, and therefore no major hardware will be required.  All you need is an office network and an IP handset: NO PABX system is required – which is the expensive equipment.  You can connect as many devices as you require to your virtual PABX System – Our service automatically adapts to your transforming needs.