X-CORP Business solutions specialise in designing and deploying warehouse cctv systems. We understand the need to have a secure, practical and reliable cctv solution in your warehouse. We will design the perfect system to suit your application and budget.

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Having an advanced IP CCTV security system in your warehouse is almost compulsory in this day and age. Warehousing and distribution or supply chain companies in South Africa have to deal with crime on an on-going basis. Therefore the benefits of a CCTV systems are endless. The most commonly highlighted benefits are:

A safer workplace – your warehouse cctv system will ensure people follow OHS laws and can be used to train people on the do’s and dont’s of health and safety.

Decrease in theft – South African warehouses deal with stock theft all the time. The only way to combat this is to have an effective cctv system installed in the warehouse. Once you install cameras in key locations you can be guaranteed that theft will be reduced in those areas.

Reduce false insurance claims – unfortunately there are always cases where certain individuals will have an “accident” in your warehouse and you will not only have to foot the bill but also deal with an increase in premiums. A good warehouse cctv system allows you to see exactly how and when the accident occurred.

Machinery and Equipment – Keep an eye on your valuable machinery and equipment by installing cctv systems. This will ensure you know which machines are faulty and need to be repaired.

Remote monitoring – All X-Corp warehouse cctv systems can be accessed from any location via the web. This allows you to view the warehouse remotely or even let your armed response company monitor the warehouse from their location.

Boost productivity – cctv systems have been known to increase the productivity of warehouse staff. No more 30min bathroom breaks or sitting idle.

Become more efficient – the benefits of cctv go beyond just that if security. With the correct cctv system you will get insight into how your warehouse operation runs and identify any bottlenecks or other issues.

Install now pay later – X-corp can arrange finance for businesses with the correct criteria. Contact us to find out more about our CCTV leasing options.

Your cctv system will be installed and configured by trained technical staff who have in-depth knowledge of cctv.

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Let us create a bespoke warehousing CCTV solution for you

  • We do a full on-site inspection to identify what CCTV solution you need
  • We analyse problem areas and choose the best cameras for those areas
  • We create design a custom solution for you based on your budget and requirement.
  • We recommend and install additional security solutions such as:
    • Biometric readers
    • Access Control Systems