X-CORP Business solutions specialise in designing and deploying school cctv systems. We understand the need to have a secure, practical and reliable cctv solution in your school. We will design the perfect system to suit your application and budget.

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CCTV systems in schools are much more common than in previous years. The introduction of a school cctv system can be contested at first but once students and faculty get used to it and see the benefits the attitude toward it usually changes. The main reason why you would install a cctv system in a school would be to keep both students and teachers safe and honest.

Improved education – once you install a cctv system you should see an increase the level of education in general. Teachers do a better job teaching and students conduct themselves in a more respectable manner.

Less antisocial behavior – while you can’t eliminate antisocial behavior completely you can reduce it with cctv.

Crime detection – a professional cctv system will allow you to detect, record and possibly convict criminal actions. South African schools are no exception to crime, especially computer labs. With CCTV you can keep a close eye on key areas within the school grounds.

Helping teachers become better – teachers should welcome cctv systems inside the classroom. By reviewing past lessons a teacher can get valuable insight into how they taught the lesson and how they can improve the lesson in the future.

Protect Staff – Keep your staff safe from any misconduct and false claims.

For parents  – Use cctv to give parents information about their children’s behavior in school.

Decrease cases of bullying – Bullying is less likely to occur in areas that have cctv coverage. This allows students to feel more comfortable and creates a better learning environment.

Install now pay later – many of our products are available on a lease basis. Contact us to find out more about how you can lease a cctv system.

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Take control of your school with a CCTV system that suits your budget

  • We will conduct a site inspection before quoting you.
  • We will find key problem areas within your school.
  • We will recommend the right type of camera for each area.
  • We will design a cctv solution based on previous systems we have installed and based on your specific requirements.
  • We offer other security solutions to schools:
    • Access control systems
    • Biometric readers