X-CORP Business solutions specialise in designing and deploying retail cctv systems. We understand the need to have a secure, practical and reliable cctv solution in your retail space. We will design the perfect system to suit your application and budget.

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Crime in the retail industry in South Africa is an ongoing struggle. Retailers in SA have to worry about several types of crime. The first type being theft from employees. The second type being theft from customers. Then the third and more serious type being planned robberies by criminal syndicates. Having a professional cctv system installed in your retail space is a crucial element of protecting yourself and your customers. The main benefits of cctv are:

Curb Crime – Having a professional cctv system that immediately lets people know that they are on camera is a big deterrence to many crimes. Criminals prefer to stay unnoticed so knowing that their face is already on camera the second they enter your store helps prevent many crimes from happening.

High prosecution rates – professional cctv systems have cameras with at least a 1.3MP or 2.0MP sensors. This means the level of detail in the images are high enough to hold up in court in most cases.

OHS – Health and safety is becoming more and more serious and making sure you are compliant is crucial. CCTV systems allow you to monitor health and safety best practices and identify any issues.

Increase in productivity – CCTV ensures staff are more productive and can be used as a valuable training tool for new employees.

Leasing Options – Most of our clients lease our systems from anywhere between 12 and 60 months. This ensures cash flow isn’t effected too much and allows you to get a professional grade cctv solution for a small monthly fee.

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