X-CORP Business solutions specialise in designing and deploying enterprise cctv solutions. We understand the need for companies to mobilise their cctv systems to monitor their fleets. Mobile cctv presents it’s own set of challenges that our technical engineers are well equipped to deal with. We will design the perfect mobile cctv solutions to suit your application and budget.

Find out more about our mobile cctv solutions:

CCTV systems in mobile applications are common place in first world countries. Only recently have organisations in South Africa started taking mobile cctv seriously. Schools, bus, train, trucking, courier and other companies are realizing the piece of mind that a holistic cctv and telematics solution can bring to their fleet management requirements.

Main industries we service include:

Courier and other logistics companies use cctv and telematics solutions to monitor their fleet in real-time, track locations, speed, mileage and other information. If you transport valuable cargo then implementing cctv on your fleet is the perfect solution.

Public Transit
Bus, train and taxi organisations use cctv and telematics solution to monitor both their drivers and the passengers. If implementing correctly you can have full control over what happens on your vehicles. Data provided can be video, audio, GPS position and other telematic information.

Main Components of a Mobile CCTV System:

Mobile CCTV systems follow similar principle as fixed cctv systems but with a few differences. The main parts to a successful cctv system include:

Vehicle Hardware
On the vehicles you need a MDVR (Mobile DVR) which will be the main processing unit for all the cameras. MDVR’s can have built in wifi, 3g, GPS and other technologies too. Some installations include a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) for backup power or microphones for audio recording or 2-way communications. You also need antennas to transmit 3G or wifi signals.

Control Room/Depot/Yard
Back at the depot you require a control room with monitors, a server, short and long term backup storage, access points, switches and additional items for your network infrastructure.

CMS (Central Management System)
The heart of your system will be your Central Management System or CMS as we call it. This software controls your entire fleet and should give you instant access to video, audio, GPS or telematic data such as speed, mileage, break and location information.

Technical/User Support
A solid SLA (Service Level Agreement) will give you piece of mind knowing your system is fully supported by expert cctv engineers. You want to partner with a company that will offer you on-site support, stock replacement devices, facilitate updates and also offer practical training to your staff to ensure you are getting the most out of your system.

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Questions to Ask Before Getting A Mobile CCTV Solution:

  • Why do you need cctv on your vehicles?
  • What are the legal/insurance requirements?
  • Do you need only video or video/audio and GPS?
  • Do you need to view the footage remotely?
  • How long do you need to store video and other data for?
  • How will you archive important data for safekeeping?
  • What quality do you need to record video in?
  • Do you need to have 2-way communication with the vehicles?

The above are just a few of many questions which we will ask clients before designing a mobile cctv solution for them.  If you can’t answer all these questions we will explain the options and benefits to you in a easy to understand manner.