X-CORP Business solutions specialise in designing and deploying factory cctv systems. We understand the need to have a secure, practical and reliable cctv solution in your factory. We will design the perfect system to suit your application and budget.

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Factories have to deal with having big spaces, valuable equipment and lots of foot traffic which has to be monitored 24/7.  The benefits of a professional CCTV system are:

Safer working environment – CCTV ensures that employees are adhering to the strict OHS laws that are in place and can be used to identify any issues.

Monitor equipment – Keep an eye on your factory’s machinery and equipment to ensure everything is running effectively.

Increase factory productivity – by having a watchful eye in the sky you can ensure that employees are doing their work and not messing about.

Reduce false claims – cctv can be used to review insurance claims to see if they are authentic. Many employees will fake accidents as a way to get time off or a medical payout. Having cctv lets you review those accidents and ensures that employees don’t get away with fraud.

Monitor production line  – Use cctv to monitor your production line and identify any bottle necks or inefficient parts. By monitoring the footage you can learn from mistakes and improve on them making your business more effective.

Monthly Payments – We will arrange finance on your behalf to allow you to pay off the cctv system off over a period of up to 60 months.

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X-Corp design and install leading factory cctv systems in South Africa

  • We will do a free on-site inspection of your factory
  • We will identify problem areas and design specific cctv solutions for those areas.
  • We will design and install the perfect outdoor and indoor factory cctv system.
  • We also supply and install biometric and access control systems for factories.