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We supply and install all Avigilon camera systems and software.

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We will help you identify the correct Avigilon system for your business.

We’ll install your Avigilon system and provide you with ongoing support.

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AVIGILON provides you with a video surveillance system that has unparalleled detail.

With Avigilon’s HDSMTM (High Definition Stream ManagementTM) technology you know you will get visually lossless compression that maintains the highest amount of detail while carefully managing bandwith and storage concerns we have in South Africa. Together with South Africa’s biggest range of megapixel camera and advanced video analytics software you know you are investing in a solution that gives you the best image quality and the biggest range of coverage.

AVIGILON incident response workflow

Avigilon allows for faster security response times by using an end to end integrated solution. Having the ability to be automatically alerted before an incident happens is priceless.

AVIGILON self learning video analytics can prevent incidents and keep your assets safe.

By using the best HD cameras, Avigilon gives you intelligent analytics solutions that is unbeaten in South Africa. The HD analytics, pattern-based analytics algorithms and teach by example capabilities, Avigilon keeps showing the industry how it should be done. Contact us for a demo if you want to be blown away by the capabilities of Avigilon’s video analytics solutions

We don’t just sell Avigilon, we specialise in it.

X-Corp Business Solutions has been operating for over six years. Our founders have been in the CCTV industry for decades. During this time we have become specialists in creating, implementing and maintaining cutting edge CCTV solutions to a broad range of industries.

Avigilon is a premium brand of CCTV and surveillance hardware. To implement a cost effective and intelligent security solution takes time, planning and expertise. We hire only the smartest most capable technical engineers we can and continually up skill them in Avigilon’s range of hardware and software. This allows us to implement any solution and maintain it anywhere in South Africa.

See clarity that is possible with the latest Avigilon Cameras

Avigilon have established themselves as the Bentley of the CCTV industry:

What industries are best for Avigilon?
Avigilon CCTV products are suited corporate, sports stadiums, hospitals, warehousing, financial institutions, government facilities and infrastructure and so much more.

National Infrastructure
Our national infrastructure allows us to supply and install Avigilon CCTV cameras and related products, service and maintain Avigilon products and consult on Avigilon solutions anywhere in South Africa. So we can help you whether you require Avigilon products in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town or elsewhere.

Avigilon Service Level Agreements Available
Our outstanding service and maintenance standards are what set us apart from the countless other companies providing Avigilon products. We can offer you unparalleled support for your Avigilon system. With a solid SLA in place you can have peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong with your system we will be available both remotely and onsite to fix the issue.

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