9 Valuable Hosted PABX Features for Businesses

Hosted PABX systems offer a variety of features that enhance the overall productivity, mobility and communications of a business. Many of these enhanced features are included as standard while others are offered as cost-effective add-on services.

X-Corp has summed up some of the most valuable features that these systems have to offer, from voicemail options to automated attendants and call forwarding, let’s have a look…

1. Voicemail Options

Hosted PABX systems allow businesses to add their own personal touch by creating a custom greeting so that callers know what to expect after leaving their messages. Companies can also manage their voicemails by accessing them online and even receive emails with recordings attached.

2. Find me/Follow me

From sales reps working ‘on the go’ to travelling employees, in order to grow and thrive, modern businesses need to be mobile and their employees need to be contactable, no matter where they are. This is what the Find me/Follow me feature of a hosted PABX system has been designed for, enabling calls (with just one number) to be routed to any number or device. And so, whether an employee is using a mobile device, landline or desktop and no matter where they are, they can always be reached.

3. Automated Attendants

The auto attendant feature of a hosted PABX system lets each business set up their own ‘virtual secretary’ according to their companies brand image (whether that be formal or informal). This nifty little feature will ensure that no call ends up being left in the dark and will be able to automatically connect the caller with the right department or person.

4. Call Recording

We’ve all heard that message at the beginning of a call “This call is being recorded for quality purposes” and this is becoming the norm for many businesses. There are many reasons a company would choose to record their calls, from the managing of disputes and the training of employees to liability and call quality monitoring.

5. Call Log Reports

Call log reporting enables businesses to access complete records of all outbound & inbound calls, supplying them with important information about their calls, from caller names and numbers to the time, date and duration of each call.

6. Tailored “On Hold” Messages and Music

This feature has been put in place to ease that frustration of being placed “on hold”, allowing businesses to ‘fill the void’ with music either chosen from a set list or uploaded (for more of a personal touch). The music can be configured to pause at certain intervals allowing custom-recorded messages to be played. This technique allows them to harness an array of marketing efforts as well as deliver important information… from reassuring clients of the importance of their calls, answering FAQs, announcing new products and services to giving simple directions to company offices.

7. Call Transfers

Hosted PABX systems allow for calls to be transferred quickly and effortlessly to the correct people within an organisation (whether that be within the same office, in another building or even in another country). This feature enhances both the productivity and professionalism of a business’ calls.

8. Call Forwarding

Call forwarding makes it possible for employees to be ‘on call’ anywhere and at any time by giving them the ability to forward calls directly to their mobile devices or any given number. If the original extension is ‘busy’ or left to ring for a certain amount of time, the call will be forwarded, ensuring quality customer care and eliminating the risk of missing important calls unnecessarily.

8. Conference Calling

In today’s ever-growing global market, the ability to conduct reliable conference calls is becoming a necessity. Conference calling allows users to add multiple callers to the conference and callers to ‘call in’ and join the conference. This feature eliminates the need for travel (which can be an expensive affair) and allows people to collaborate effortlessly.

In Conclusion

The list of features offered by a hosted PABX system is a very long one, the above 9 features are proven to be highly valuable, saving in both time and costs while enhancing the productivity and professionalism of businesses alike. For more information or to choose the very best in PABX packages click here.

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