7 Ways A Hosted PABX System Will Save Your Business Money

Whether it comes down to their ability to grow with your company (letting you pay only for what you need) or the ease of maintenance of these systems, when compared to a traditional phone system ~ A hosted PABX system costs significantly less.

Below, X-Corp has summed up the seven of the main cost-saving benefits of switching over to a hosted system. And if you’re still not convinced, feel free to contact us to discuss a plan that fits your budget and needs.

1. No Additional Equipment / Hardware

One of the biggest cost-saving aspects of a hosted PABX system is the fact that they require very low start-up costs. As they make use of an internet connection, they do not require additional physical hardware (which normally requires long-term lease commitments). When making use of a hosted system, companies do not have to worry about setting up and installing any new equipment. Equipment is hosted by the provider and so, is their responsibility.

2. Reduced Maintenance / IT resources

From repairs to upgrades and the costs of having specialised employees maintain these systems, maintenance is known to be a pretty hefty expense when it comes to traditional PBX systems. However, as mentioned above… Hosted PABX systems are completely virtual and have no hardware needing to be constantly maintained, repaired or upgraded. It is also the responsibility of the provider to take care of any software maintenance. In other words, you will no longer need to dedicate an entire IT department to the maintenance of your phone system or worry about regular on-site repair calls and your maintenance costs will be severely reduced.

3. No Need to Employ a Full-Time Receptionist 


The Automated Attendant is a nifty little feature that has been designed to handle the work of a receptionist, programmed to greet, advise and even route callers to the relevant person or department. They are able to do this at a fraction of what it would cost to employ and train someone to work your telephone system. Virtual assistants have the added benefit of not needing leave or sick days as well as being able to answer and divert calls 24 hours a day. 


4. Pay for What You Want / Grows With Your Company

With a Hosted PABX system, you’ll only need to pay for the lines, functions and features that you actually want and need (and not a cent more). You’ll be able to customise your package according to your specific needs and budget. You will also be able to scale up or even down according to the growth of your business by simply adding or removing extensions.

5. Eliminate Down-Times

We all know that when a companies communications go ‘down’, business is affected and valuable time and money is lost. Thanks to their ultra-high reliability and foolproof methods like disaster recovery, hosted PABX systems ensure that no matter what, your business will always stay connected and protected from equipment failure and bad weather conditions. As voicemail and other advanced features are hosted by the provider, they will still be accessible, even if problems occur at the business’ location. As long as employees have access to the internet, they will be able to forward calls to their mobile devices, allowing business to continue, without interruption.  

6. Multi-Site Coordination / One Unified System for All Locations

Hosted PABX systems offer even more cost savings for companies that have business in more than one location. With a single, unified phone system that is able to operate across multiple locations, there is no need to purchase separate on-site phone equipment for each location. Calls placed between a companies branches are free of charge and the need for multiple receptionists at each location is eliminated with the automated attendant feature.

7. Long Distance Calls / Reduced Call Rates


Hosted PABX systems offer competitive calling rates that significantly reduce long-distance call costs. As these systems rely on VoIP services and are considered ‘on-net’, calls placed over hosted PABX are far less expensive than those using traditional systems. Basically, if your business makes a lot of international calls, hosted PABX will dramatically reduce your budget. Making use of a hosted system can save companies up to 50% on standard landline calls. These systems also come with no unexpected costs as most providers offer a fixed fee on any network (landline or cellphone). 


In Conclusion

We no longer need to be spending ridiculous sums on expensive, equipment-heavy phone systems. Hosted PABX systems are equipped with a range of features and have been designed to grow with companies, helping them save money and valuable time while increasing productivity levels.


X-Corp helps companies like yours in choosing the best telecoms systems for their budget and needs. Let us help you make the right decision and equip your company with a hosted system that will ultimately influence the success of your business. Contact us today for assistance.




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